10 things to know about nursing

Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – especially at first.        

Try these tips as a help to guide you in the right direction.  make nursing go more smoothly.

1.    Get educated

Learn about nursing before your baby’s birth – through books, articles, videos, mom friends, or a class.

2.    Set up for success

Use a breastfeeding pillow or other soft support to help you position your baby correctly.

3.    Ask the experts

Take advantage of lactation consultants and nurses at your hospital or birth center.

4.    Establish the latch

A good latch is key. Your baby’s mouth should be wide open (think fish lips) and should cover the areola.

5.    Don’t expect a waterfall

Small amounts of nutrient-rich colostrum are all your nursing baby gets at first.

6.    Keep track

Write down when you nursed, for how long, and which breast you ended on (so you’ll know which one to start with next time). Print our feeding tracker below.

7.    Bring on the burps

You may need to gently pat your baby on the back after nursing (or midway through) to avoid painful gas.

8.    Fuel up

Make sure you’re eating well and drinking plenty of water. Breastfeeding nourishes your baby, but it takes a lot of energy from you.

9.    Don’t despair

Nursing is trickier than it seems, and may hurt at first. Try hot or cold compresses, and cream for sore nipples.

10 Don’t despair

Being a new mom so try to rest or sleep when the baby sleeps to re-charge.