8 Sure Signs You May Be Expecting

Something’s going on with you but you’re not quite sure what it is. In fact, you hadn’t really connected the dots (or the symptoms) until now. Don’t try to explain it away, you just might be pregnant! Especially if you’ve had a few of the following experiences:

  1. You feel like a hot air balloon, ready to lift off.
    Yes, that’s the best way to describe the bloating. Feeling full and just plain ‘inflated’ could be a sign that your bloating is not due to that burrito you ate.
  2. Speaking of inflated—what’s going on with your boobs?
    Is it just you, or are your breasts getting bigger? You’ve been working out so it’s probably just chest muscles, right? Well, not exactly. Swollen, tender breasts are another common pregnancy symptom. Early on, your breasts are already preparing for the production of milk. Wow—your body is on a secret mission that you weren’t even aware existed. That’s pretty amazing.
  3. Your significant other’s cologne is really turning you off.
    He used to smell so good to you, but lately he’s been pouring that cologne on a little too heavy—or so it seems. Guess what? You are far more sensitive to smell in the first few weeks of pregnancy. So while you may think that his cologne could strip wallpaper, it’s really your overactive senses that are making you feel that way. Maybe just ask him to shelf the bottle for awhile until you don’t find it so repulsive (of course you don’t need to use those words.)
  4. You’ve beaten a path to the office washroom.
    There it is, plain as day—you’ve worn the wax off the floor between your desk and the ladies’ room. Seriously, how many times have you been in there this morning?  Frequent trips to the washroom are another pregnancy sign. Look on the bright side, you’re getting your exercise making the trek back and forth ,and there won’t be a shortage when it’s time for the pee stick!
  5. You have no recollection of your last period.
    Hang on a second. What day is it? Where’s a calendar? When’s the last time you had your period? Yep. More than a month ago. Uh huh. It’s been that long.
  6. You’re totally exhausted.
    Sure you work hard and you have been extra busy lately, but you’ve been getting a good night’s sleep and you’ve managed to sneak in a few zzz’s on the weekend, so why are you still so tired? Being pregnant is exhausting. You’ll need more rest over the next few months so pull out those bunny slippers and try to slow down a little.
  7. Your breakfast doesn’t feel like it’s going to stay down today.
    You’ve probably just caught that nasty bug that’s going around. Although you don’t have the sore throat, achiness and fever that others have experienced. That’s weird. Maybe yours is a new strain. Or not. Hello morning sickness. Nausea is a common pregnancy side effect due to the changes happening with your hormones. Some women don’t experience nausea, while others can have it last for three months. (Suddenly a 24 hr flu is sounding pretty good right now, isn’t it?)
  8. You’re up for experimenting with new food choices.
    That’s not unusual. You’ve always wanted to make more nutritious choices. Only this time, it’s not quinoa and almond milk that you’re craving, it’s ice cream and pickles. And yes, together. Somehow, it seems like a good combination. Many women experience unusual cravings during pregnancy or are simply hungry all the time. We wonder if the tune “Constant  Craving” was written by a pregnant woman?

If you suspect you’re pregnant, consult a physician to be sure.  Then browse our website for helpful articles and information on everything from enjoying a healthy pregnancy, to raising baby and creating a meaningful family life.