6 Cute Halloween Costumes for Baby

This Halloween, you get to dress your baby up in whatever silly, adorable or spooky costume you want. It’s your opportunity to take advantage before your lil’ ones start choosing for themselves. Until then, we’re lending you a helping hand by rounding up these six Halloween costumes we think are a MUST. This is no trick, just a treat!

Granny & Gramps

There is nothing cuter than seeing a little baby dressed up in a granny or gramps costume. We’re thinking a curly grey wig, a thick knit cardigan and a pair of chained eyeglasses will do the trick. Maybe add a plaid in there for gramps!

Honey Bunny

Is it your honey bunny’s first Halloween? Well then, you might as well choose one of the cutest costumes ever: a bunny! Gender neutral, this costume idea works for your handsome lil’ boys or gorgeous lil’ girls. Either way, it’s a winner in our books.

Lil’ Pumpkin

It’s no secret that pumpkin costumes have been done before but there’s a reason for that… babies look adorable in orange! Plus, you get to bring your “little pumpkin” pet name to life.

Rubber Ducky

Baby. Rubber ducky. The two are inseparable, right? So, you might as well blow baby’s mind by dressing them up as their favourite toy. Let the cuteness begin (and the chuckles!).

Harry Potter

To all of our lovely Potterheads, this one goes out to you! There are so many ways to go about this, too. You can either pick a costume based on one of the four houses of Hogwarts OR dress ‘em up as your fave character. Voldemort, maybe?

Baby Monster

We can’t promise that baby will look spooky but we CAN guarantee that this costume will put the widest of smiles on you and hubby’s faces!