6 Tips To Leave the House with Baby

Staying home and getting to know your newborn (and letting yourself heal) is important! It takes time to get the hang of nursing your baby and overcoming the soreness from giving birth. But, it’s been a month or so and you are feeling stir crazy. Heading out for some sunshine and socialization is an important part of motherhood, but it can also cause stress. Being tired and coping with the stress of a fussy baby in public can be grounds for a meltdown for both you and your little one. Here are some tips to set yourself up for success:

Pack the Baby Bag

Make sure you pack the essentials the night before your outing. Stocking up on diapers, wipes and an extra change of baby clothes will eliminate the scramble when your baby has their third blowout of the trip (which can happen!). Throw a few baggies in as well to stash the dirty outfit if you need to change them. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra shirt for yourself in case your baby spits up or who knows what all over you!

Baby Feeding Essentials

Your new babe needs to eat frequently, so it is best to be over prepared in the baby food department. If you’re bottle feeding, pack one or two extra bottles so you won’t be away from home with a hungry baby. Feeding is often the quickest way to calm your fussy baby, so extra milk close by could be a lifesaver. If you are nursing, pack a nursing cover if you feel more comfortable, as well as choose an outfit that you are most comfortable nursing in. Extra breast pads if you’re still leaking, as they tend to hit the floor, especially out in public!

Timing Matters

What is your baby’s best time of the day? Often morning excursions are the easiest and most enjoyable, as both mom and babe still feel rested. Babes can progressively become fussier as the day progresses, stressing mom if she attempts a dinner out. Plan a brunch date after your baby’s first nap – you will most likely have a smiling baby, happy to be out and about. If you do want to go out later in the day when your baby tends to be fussier, choose a friend who has been there and will understand, or go out with your partner to have an extra set of hands.

Hand Sanitizer and Car Seat Cover

The last thing you want to expose your baby to is germs. Handheld sanitizers that attach to your purse or stroller are ideal for cleaning your hands before you (or anyone else) touches your baby. And new babies can be magnets for germs and strangers. Most mamas are mega uncomfortable with a stranger touching their baby. A car seat cover acts as a barrier between your baby and the lady in the grocery store dying to pinch your baby’s cheeks!

Keep Your Options Open

If you are going to the mall, pack your stroller and your baby carrier. If your baby is fussing in their stroller, it could mean game over for the browsing you had planned on doing. New babies love motion and being close to their mama, so having a wrap or carrier could be your answer to some stress-free time perusing the sales.

Listen to How You’re Feeling

Going out should be beneficial to your mental health, not stressful. If you had a hard night and are supposed to be meeting a friend, call them and let them know you’re not up to it. Suggest she bring coffee over so you can lounge in your jammies. Find the balance between getting out and enjoying socializing and staying home to rest. Over-scheduling can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed.