Canada’s Top 10 Baby Girl Names

We know how crucial the process is of choosing the right name for your lil’ one. With so many options out there, you may find yourself stressing out over narrowing it down to your absolute faves. Before you start pulling out your hair, take a well-needed breather mama. You and hubby will get your this-name-is-so-perfect moment, we promise. In hopes of sparking some inspiration, we are listing the most popular baby girl names of 2018. Can you guess which ones made the list?


Cracking the number one spot is Ava, THE name of 2018 for baby girls. Looks like Canada is keeping it short and sweet because it’s the twenty-first century and we have to keep up with the times. Also, it’s a beautiful name.


Many of us know a Maria, right? Did you know that Mia is a diminutive of Maria in Scandinavian, Dutch and German? It also means “mine” in Italian and Spanish as well as “dear, darling” in Slavic. So many different takes on one name. However, we tend to believe that Drake and Bad Bunny say it best.


This climbing evergreen plant is a good one! The name Ivy actually derives from Old English representing fidelity and eternity. In fact, priests in Ancient Greece were known to give ivy wreaths to newlyweds as a symbol of faithfulness. Pretty cool, huh?


Baby girl Zoe has such a lovely ring to it! You’re going to love it even more after we tell you what it means. So get this – during the Roman Classic Period, early Christians bestowed it on newborns in hopes of blessing them with eternal life. This makes even more sense given that it translates to “life” in Greek. Fun fact: Its most common spelling is Zoey, alongside Zoë, Zooey and Zowie.


Next up is Eva! This name is used in place of Eve in various languages, including in the Latin translation of the New Testament. It actually derives from the Hebrew name meaning “living one.” Plus – and this is a huge plus – Eva Longoria, the beautiful American actress, carries the name. Do you really need any more convincing?


Let’s get technical for a sec. Leah is derived from the Hebrew word meaning “weary.” Now, borne from the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament, Leah is also the name of the first wife of Jacob in the book of Genesis. Drop the “h” and you’ve got a new rendition of the name. Seeing as though it made the top 10 list, we’re thinking folks are just eating it up!


We’re frozen on this one. Frozen, do you get it? Because Anna is one of the main characters… Anywho Ana makes for a beautiful name and we’re loving it spelled with only one n.


Sometimes spelt Arya (insert noteworthy reference to Game of Thrones), Aria is the only name on our list that is both feminine and masculine. Multiple meanings of the name exist, including “air” in Italian, “lioness of God” in Hebrew and “noble” in Persian. Which one stands out the most to you?


For all of you hardcore fans of Harry Potter, you know that Hermione is played by the talented Emma Watson. In our books, that’s enough to want to choose the name Emma.


Translating to “goddess” in Modern Hebrew, Ella has us in all of our feels. Also, who can forget CinderELLA. Right? Your daughter is sure to grow up a fan of Disney princesses so you might as well…