How to Plan Baby’s First Birthday: 5 Tips to Help Mom and Dad

It’s been a whole year since baby’s arrival… time sure does fly! Right about now, you are probably stressing over baby’s first birthday bash – you know like, should you really invite crazy Uncle Jack and his new girlfriend? We’ll leave that decision up to you. Instead, we can help you with a few planning essentials to lead you in the right direction. After all, we know how overwhelming it can be, especially if you want the celebration to be a major hit. Don’t fret, mama. We swear by these five tips that will help you see this whole shindig through.

1- Birthday Invitations

First things first, you are going to want some attendees. This is where invitations come into play. To send these out, make sure to consider a few crucial points:

  • The date: Choose a date your guests are free to attend. Most parents will pick the weekend before or after baby’s birthday.
  • The time: In this case, make sure it coincides with baby’s nap and feeding time. We don’t want baby sleeping or crying the whole way through!
  • The guest list: Stick to inviting close family members and baby friends from classes or playgroups.
  • The theme: This is the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the theme you have chosen for the party. Give a lil’ glimpse!

2- Birthday Party Decorations/Themes

Pick baby’s favourite cartoon or animal character; it’s more engaging for your lil’ one. You might have the urge to head out to your local party store and buy everything in sight – don’t! Keep it light with a few balloons, colourful rubber balls, books and toys. You’ll need to think about safe-for-baby favours and avoid anything that may be a choking hazard.

3- Birthday Gift Ideas

Baby loves toys, especially those that make noise or light up, textured board books, plush toys… the list goes on and on. Remember, your gift should be age appropriate.

4- Birthday Food/Cake

Try taking the healthier route with gluten-free, dairy-free or oil-free cakes, if possible. There are a bunch of substitutes available on the net that are super tasty even for baby. In fact, even homemade recipes are ideal and help in avoiding common allergies. When it comes to snacks, stay away from small and crunchy foods, such as nuts, candies or popcorn.

5- Birthday Baby Photos

Oy! Here comes the fun! There are many keepsake photos to create, including the night before, baby’s birthday outfit, a picture of baby and you (yes you, mom and dad!), and of course, baby’s famous cake smashing moment. The best part? You can serve them up as thank-you notes or framed gifts afterwards!