Ideas to rejuvenate when you’re tired

Katie was 6 weeks into being a first-time mama. She was finding her groove, getting to know her baby girl. They had ridden the rollercoaster ride of initiating breastfeeding and gotten the hang of it, all while healing from her emergency caesarean section. She couldn’t remember life without her baby girl, was enjoying all of it but feeling exhausted. The nights could be long and she was busy all day tending to her babe.

Sound familiar? It can be next to impossible to leave your baby just 6 weeks in. Here are some ideas to feel rejuvenated without leaving your baby’s side.


Hit the trails

We don’t necessarily mean the mountain trail, the sidewalk down the street will do! The sun is shining and getting fresh air can feel so good for both you and your baby. Set up your stroller and get out. Even if it is only for 10 minutes, it can be enough to break up your day and set the tone for an amazing day. Even better, find a friend and set out together! Babies often sleep in the stroller and it can be a great time to catch up with a friend without interruption!


Cup of tea

Netflix and chill takes on a new meaning with a baby! Choose a new flavour of tea (just be careful that certain kinds can decrease milk supply- like peppermint); apple cinnamon or berry are great choices. Choose a favorite show and steep a cup. Savour it, while holding your bundle. It feels like a moment to yourself, without leaving your baby!


A bubble bath

Enlist help from your mom, a friend or your partner. Pass the baby over and draw a warm bubble bath. Light a couple candles and turn the bathroom fan and some music on, to help resist the urge to listen to the happenings just outside the bathroom door. Soak for 30 minutes and breathe deep. Try to imagine your favourite holiday or read a few pages of a magazine or book. These tiny moments mean a lot when you aren’t getting much time for yourself.


Order in

The thought of going out for dinner with your new babe can seem overwhelming. If you feel up to it, it can be a great time as they often sleep in the carseat when they’re new! No need for high chairs and snacks yet! If you don’t feel up to it, simulate a date night by ordering in! It will save you clean up, and you will make the effort to sit down and eat together. Put your baby in a wrap and hold her or put her in the swing or bouncy chair and enjoy your favorite take out with your partner! You will probably only talk about your baby- but that is okay! She is your new favorite topic!



It can be hard to “sleep when the baby sleeps”. If you can do it, then go for it! The dishes can wait and so can the laundry. Turn your phone on do not disturb and settle in for a rest. Newborns often sleep great in the mornings, so leave your schedule open. If this is a challenge for you, hit the hay when your partner gets home from work. Feed your baby, then put in earplugs and nap for an hour or two. That rest can make all the difference in how you feel during those night feeds!