Kourtney Kardashian’s maternity style

The Kardashian are what cats are to the Internet; everyone loves them even when they say they don’t. As many others, I have to admit that I enjoy being entertained with the latest K news. Whether it has to do with whom they last had dinner with, what is North latest fashion statement (remember that she only recently turned 1 year old) or which of the Kardashian got the most likes on their latest Instagram post.

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian announced that she is expecting baby number 3. I loved her previous pregnancy style and I look forward to seeing how she’ll dress her baby bump this time around.

Here are a few looks from her previous pregnancies:

Source: posh24.com

Source: posh24.com

The jumpsuit is one of the trendiest piece of the summer and we love how Kourtney dressed it up with a white blazer.


Source: kourtneykardashian.com

The bohemian dress is another key piece for a fuss-free summer style.

Source: fashionably-pregnant.blogspot.ca

Source: fashionably-pregnant.blogspot.coa

The little black dress, pregnant or not we all need a ready-to-go lbd!