Maternity & Nursing bras: need support?

Hey mom-to-be: you’re pregnant! Congrats!
Hey new mom: you just gave birth! Congrats!

Lucky ladies, a whole new world just opened its doors right in front of you: the world of maternity and nursing bras!

… but also, cue the questions mark in those worried eyes of yours. How does it work? What do you choose? How can you make sure that you’ve selected the right item for the right needs? Don’t panic. It’s a whole new game, but it’s a great one. Easier than you think. And we’re here to help!


  • 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size?
  • breasts can grow as much as 3 cup sizes during pregnancy?
  • wearing maternity bras regularly can help minimize stretch marks because they provide proper support to the breast?

But, how important are MATERNITY and NURSING bras?

Let’s make it clear mamas: regular bras aren’t designed to be worn during pregnancy and nursing. Maternity bras are specifically designed for women who are pregnant and nursing bras are specifically designed for women who are breastfeeding. [They literally are the jackpot to your breasts in those specific times of your mama life.]


They are made with wider straps to increase support + reduce bounce and made with more comfortable fabrics to prevent irritation. As soon as you know that you are with child and that your body starts changing (helloooooo new boobies!), that is when you think THYME and look for a maternity bra. –Yes, this is even for you, wonderful plus size mom-to-be! We’ve got you covered with sizes going up to 44DDD!



Have you decided to breastfeed? Now, you need to be equipped for that too. And the best time to head out to your THYME store and get a nursing bra is in the 8th month. You will need a bra with a special feature: nursing clips! They open easily to allow your breasts to drop down and facilitate nursing. Magic! Don’t forget that your breast will get a little bigger during the breastfeeding because of the engorgement and swelling.


EVERY BODY IS UNIQUE. Not all bras will fit the same way.

With a possibility of 10 bra styles from the THYME collection and 9 types of breast shapes that we’ve identified as being the most common, the various combinations are immense and can still all fit very differently. From a Valerie to a Monique, from a Shannon to a Francesca, your 2 womanly wonders are so unique that they demand the best of attention and the finest of coverage.

What type of breasts do you have?

  • Unequal: they are simply different, period.
  • Athletic: leaner, with more muscular tissue rather than fat tissue
  • Bell shape: narrow at the top, voluptuous at the bottom
  • East West: nipples pointing towards opposite directions
  • Relaxed: loose tissue, nipples pointing down
  • Round: equally full in all areas
  • Leaner: narrow, nipples pointing down
  • Wide set: wide gap in between
  • Tear drop: round shape, slightly less voluptuous on top

Now that you’ve determined what kind of breasts you have, what bra do you choose? It all depends on:
-function (maternity or nursing?)
-support (light, moderate or high?)
-coverage (demi, medium or full?)

Are you a working mom-to-be? Do you stay at home? How active are you? How is your wardrobe? Are you more the sporty type or the crisp shirt and pencil skirt type? A combination of answers to these questions and the previous ones will determine the right THYME bra for you.

To get more info on this, head over HERE.


And now, the dreadful moment: the MEASUREMENT! * scream of terror *

Relax, it’s easy. No, for real. It is way easier than changing the tv channel with the remote when you just finished painting your nails. (And if you are a master at that, we salute you!)

All you will need is a measurement tape and 2 ½ minutes of your time. Once you have those, make sure you are wearing an unpadded or lightly padded bra and you are good to proceed! Click below and watch our brand new Bra Fit Video. Instructive AND fun, what more could you ask for?!

Now that you have your measurements, head over to our size charts to obtain your bra size right HERE!

If you still feel insecure about maternity and nursing bras, their purpose and your size, you can visit your THYME store and our experts will help guide you through all the steps and you will find the perfect bra just for you! Or even maybe 2, because THYME’s everyday deal on bras is Buy one, Get one at 30% OFF! Isn’t that awesome?