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Look great in your changing body by choosing all-day comfort and style with maternity lingerie sure to make you feel like a sexy mama (or mama-to-be!).

“Do I really need a maternity bra?” is a question frequently asked by new moms-to-be eager to stick to must-haves. The thing is that starting at around 4 to 6 weeks (but beginning as early as days after conception for some women!) your breasts undergo a metamorphosis that lasts throughout your pregnancy. Your rib cage expands and your breasts may feel swollen, sore or sensitive to touch and increase in size (up a cup, two or even three!). Point blank: your regular bra simply cannot accommodate this rapid change.

Still not convinced? What if we told you that a maternity bra not only provides adequate support (all pregnancy long, baby) but can also help in minimizing the presence of stretch marks (a huge plus, we know!).

Psst- Don’t be shy asking for help from an experienced salesperson at a maternity store who can properly adjust the bra for you. We recommend getting two, so you always have one ready to wear while the other’s getting washed!

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The next step in your quest for comfort; nursing bras offer all the benefits of a maternity bra and then some! The difference between the two (as you might have guessed) is that a nursing bra will have built-in breastfeeding features for discrete mommy and baby feeding time. Available in an array of styles sure to tickle all your whims and fancies, experts suggest you wait until you are 8 months pregnant before splurging and try combining the bra with reusable and washable nursing pads for complete comfort and cleanliness. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a size that isn’t too smug as your cup size can change even after you give birth to baby! Again, you might want to get a second one, so you’re not left in the cold (so to speak) on laundry day.

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Think head-to-toe comfort and make sure you don’t neglect your bottom half! Maternity panties are made to fit and flatter your new curves by boasting ultra-stretchy fabric and elastic-free leg opening that won’t pinch or bind. Better yet, you can choose from many styles and colours.  Add a trendy touch by pairing them with your maternity and nursing bras!

Now, that’s sexy.