Gender reveal parties YAY or NAY?

Gender reveal parties are one of the hottest trends among today’s parents-to-be. They have been tweeted, live streamed and shared on most, if not all, social media platforms. However, for those of you who are not familiar with what gender reveal parties are, let us explain.

Gender reveal parties are meant to be exactly what they imply, which is getting a group of friends and/or family members together to reveal the gender of the baby to come with a celebration. The “reveal” portion of the party can be done in many ways. To get inspired, check out our Pinterest board HERE.

Step 1 – Finding out or not


First step is for the parents to find out, or not, the gender of their baby. This process begins with going for an ultrasound. At this point, some parents want to know the sex and others don’t.  If the parents want to get surprised along with the party guests, the ultrasound tech can write the baby’s sex on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.

Step 2 – Preparing for the party


The next step usually is to relay this information to the person creating the reveal for you, if you want to preserve the surprise. For example, a balloon store can create a bundle of blue or pink balloons to be released out of a big cardboard box. Or, the information can be passed on to a baker who will create a pink or blue cake hidden beneath the white frosting. There are as many variations and ideas of how to do the gender reveal portion as there are stars in the sky, so this is where you can get creative if you are planning one of these parties. Check out our Pinterest board and get inspired HERE!

Step 3 – It’s party time!


During a gender reveal party, guests are invited to play games and enjoy food and drinks.


Many of these parties have themes for revealing the baby’s gender such as: “Gender reveal scavenger hunt”, “Touchdowns or Tutus”, “Hair Bows or Bow Ties” and the list goes on!


Now that you know what a gender reveal party is, we are wondering if you will jump on this trend or will you prefer to keep it more simple and subtle with your nearest and dearest when finding out the gender of your baby?

Do you think that a gender reveal party is necessary or not? Is this an overrated new tradition that has emerged in the past decade or is it a fun new way to celebrate baby? Tell us in the comments below if it’s a YAY or a NAY for you. We want to know!