How to plan the perfect baby shower in 7 easy steps

You might be asking yourself: who will plan your baby shower? Well, the role of the baby shower hostess has most definitely evolved and can pretty much include anyone in your life. It can be a friend or a relative; it can even be your spouse.

However, there are some party planning basics that the person planning your shower should follow for a successful celebration. Don’t worry; we’ve done the leg work for you or your designated shower planner. We have created an easy 7 steps guide to hosting a fun and festive baby shower.

Step 1 – Pick a date


Firstly, come up with a date and time for the celebration with the person planning your shower. Most baby showers are hosted when the mom-to-be is around seven months pregnant. At this stage, you are safely into your pregnancy but you are probably still quite comfortable and will be able to enjoy your celebration. As you know, mom usually receives a lot of gifts so this will give you plenty of time to organize them before the baby arrives.

Step 2 – Determine the guest list and budget


Let your planner know who you would like to invite to your baby shower and let them know your exact budget for this event. Make sure you give all the guests a reasonable time to RSVP, as this will make the planning much easier and more organized.

Step 3 – Choose a venue


When choosing a venue, it’s good to consider the following: time of the year, number of guests and budget. If you have a smaller budget, you and your planner can always opt to host the shower in a backyard or in a living room. This makes it more intimate and does not cut into your budget too much. However, if the guest list is too large for this type of venue, you can consider a nearby hotel or a restaurant. Another great place to host a shower is at a local park, if weather permits.

Step 4Send out invitations


This is a crucial step in the planning. Guests should ideally receive their invitations about six weeks before the baby shower. That way, they will have plenty of time to reserve the date, RSVP, shop for gifts and find a babysitter if needed. What type of invitation you might ask? If you are hosting a more casual baby shower, an email invitation is fine but if you are hosting a more formal baby shower it’s recommended to send a paper invitation.

Step 5Pick a theme


Another important thing to decide for the success of the baby shower is the theme and the color of the party. When it comes to the colors, if you don’t want to use the traditional light blue for boys or candy pink for girls, you could choose a navy blue or lilac. So, let you planner know your preference. However, it is possible you made the choice to not know the gender of the future baby. In this case, neutral colors such as yellow or light green can be good choices.

The common theme for baby showers is nursery-style theme, including decorations such as baby bottles, diapers, rattles, pacifiers, and so on. However, it does not always have to be this type of theme. There isn’t a “right” theme for a baby shower. If you consider yourself more of a fashionista, your planner can opt for a glamorous theme with decorations such as heeled shoe cookies for example.

Pinterest is a great resource for anyone looking for awesome ideas for baby showers. Have a look at our Baby Shower Pinterest board HERE.

Step – 6 Fun & Games  


As you might know, most showers include games, gift opening, eating and drinks such as mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). Have a look at our Pinterest board to get inspired on your preferred mocktails HERE.

What would a baby shower be without games? For this reason, the games are an important task to take care of when planning a baby shower. The most classic games include the guessing of the circumference of the mom-to-be belly, a race to changing diapers on a doll, guessing the various types of baby food and so on. There are many baby shower game ideas, so depending on your preferences, your planner should be able to choose the most appropriate one for you.

Above all, the key to a successful event is organization. If everything is well organized, there will be a fun flow of games, food, drinks, etc.

Step 7- Thank your guests with creative favors


It’s always nice to thank your guests for being part of this special celebration. However, it is not always easy finding the right gift for your guests. On one hand, you want to give your guests something thoughtful for coming and you want to do so while being creative. On the other hand, you also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing so, especially if you have a lot of guests coming.

Some great gift ideas are: a nice package of candy and/or chocolate, a lovely candle, a magnet picture frame, maybe pink nail polish if you are expecting a girl, etc. The possibilities are endless!

We hope that this seven steps guide on “How to plan a baby shower” will help you and your designated shower planner to organize the perfect one.  Share this post with the person organizing your shower.

On that note, we wish you a happy celebration!


Team Thyme