5 Creative Halloween Costumes for Pregnancy

We are sure of two things: Your pregnant belly is growing and Halloween’s around the corner. Combine the two and you have the ultimate Halloween costume accessory. Whether you are on a budget, scrambling at the last minute or looking for a standout costume, we have you covered with these top five creative Halloween costumes for pregnancy.

Bubble Gum Ball Machine

Hot glue and a bundle of colourful pompoms is all it takes to recreate this easy DIY Halloween costume… and we love it. Put your sweet tooth on the forefront without feeling guilty about it afterwards. After all, ‘tis the season of candy, candy, candy!

Construction Bump Ahead

Pregnancy can be a bumpy journey, especially when baby is under construction in your tummy. Light bulb alert! Say it like it is by making a flashy “Bump Ahead” sign and posting it to your belly. You can even choose to paint it directly onto your bump. Go the extra mile by making hubby wear a construction worker uniform.

Pumpkin Belly

We have the perfect solution for mamas who aren’t up to going all out and want something cute and simple: the pumpkin Halloween costume. Make light of your growing belly by dressing it up as a pumpkin or wear a top with a pumpkin design on the tummy.

Pregnant Skeleton

Adding a little twist to the traditional skeleton costume, this option features the “little skeleton” you are carrying inside your belly (vs. the food your hubby is carrying in his) – funny and creative! A tad spooky but the perfect option if you are looking for standout costume this Halloween.

Mother Earth

In light of the climate crisis and the recent initiatives taken around the world to spread awareness, we feel it necessary to include this special tribute to Mother Nature. The Earth is your belly and you represent the beauty of motherhood. It is THE option for environmentalist moms-to-be.