Baby’s Coming: The Ultimate Checklist

“You are huge!”

“You look like you’re going to pop!”

“Wow, do you have twins in there?”

Comments so many women have heard as they reach the end of their pregnancy. You are almost there, nine months pregnant, and on the home stretch. Have you started thinking about the big day? It is probably on your mind most of the time. That moment you get to finally meet the little one kicking inside of you.
Babies can make an unexpected entrance, with some women arriving at their birth centre with only the clothes they are wearing, not anticipating the birth of their baby and others who bring the carseat, carrier, swing, diaper bags.. well you get the idea.

What do you actually need to bring?

The trick is to find the perfect balance between missing key items and the entire newborn section of the baby store. Here’s a list that will help ensure you are ready when the big day arrives.

• Your identification. You will need to check in and for many women, the birth of their baby is their first time ever being in the hospital. Bring your license and your health care card.

• Prenatal records. These tell the story of your pregnancy and have pertinent information for the Doctors and nurses caring for you during your labour.

• It isn’t necessary to bring clothes to actually deliver your baby in. A gown does the job. But it is a great idea to bring a few nursing tank tops and comfortable loose pants to wear after and to bring your baby home. With my first son, I bought myself a new outfit to bring my baby home… and ended up wearing the maternity clothes I came to the hospital in. I bought them waaaay to small and couldn’t get the pants past my knees! So, bring the size of pants you’ve been wearing in your pregnancy!

• A bag of toiletries for yourself and your partner. Think Shampoo, Conditioner, bodywash, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and a brush. Don’t worry about a blowdryer or hair stuff- your hair will be the last thing on your mind! Do bring a pack of extra hair elastics just in case.

• Check with where you are delivering about what supplies they provide. Most provide diapers and wipes as well as pads and (awesome) mesh underwear for yourself. If so, just bring a few diapers and a package of wipes for the ride home and a few pads for yourself. Wet a few pads before labour and throw them in the freezer for when you get home- they will help with swelling and provide pain relief.

• Bring a few sleepers for your baby. Skin to skin with you is the best place for your babe to be the first couple days of life, so you won’t need many. Your birth centre will provide receiving blankets to use while there, but bring a receiving baby blanket and something to cover the carseat with when you bring your bundle home.

• Your phone charger! Also take time to make space on your phone for photos and videos. You don’t want to miss those first few moments because your storage is full on your phone!

• Snacks for your labour support person. You don’t want a faint partner or one that has to leave you alone to get something to eat. So bring easy food (something without an irritating strong smell) that can be eaten without leaving you.

• Chapstick- Your lips can get dry during delivery and this will provide much needed relief.

• A carseat! Most centres have policy that your baby needs to be discharged in a carseat. Put the base in the car when you are packing your bag. This will save you waiting for your partner while he figures it out. You also don’t need to bring it in till you are ready to go home!

Throw these items in a bag and leave them at the door. Then you’ll have peace of mind and won’t be scrambling in early labour when it is hard to focus on much else! Scratch packing your bag off your to-do list with the help of our comprehensive checklist (this list, plus more). Download it here!