How to Get Relief from Back Pain in Pregnancy

There is nothing more amazing then feeling the baby you are growing inside of you move, kick and roll. It stops you in your tracks, keeps you up at night and ensures your babe consumes your thoughts most of the time! You are also watching your baby grow as your belly does! But with that growing belly, comes some aches and pains that maybe you weren’t expecting and certainly don’t have time for. As your belly expands, your centre of gravity shifts forward, changing your posture. That, coupled with all those hormones relaxing your ligaments leaves your tossing and turning at night with an aching back. Here are our top tips on alleviating that stubborn back pain as your baby grows!

Practice Good Posture

Good posture feels different with a growing belly. As your centre of gravity shifts forward, you compensate by leaning back. This causes strains in the lower back. When you are sitting, keep your shoulders rolled back and avoid crossing your legs. Support your lower back with pillow. When standing, don’t lock your knees and take breaks!

Stay Active

Pregnancy is not the time to start an intense workout regime, but it is also not the time to become a couch potato! Moving those muscles can keep your aches and pains to a minimum. Walking is enough, and many pregnant mamas love swimming because the buoyancy takes pressure of a heavy belly off their back! Stretching is also key- find a local prenatal yoga class and enjoy the relaxation and the ease of those sore muscles. Exercise during pregnancy has also been shown to help moms heal faster and feel better postpartum.

Ditch Your Heels!

Accessorize that bump with something other than heels! Heels push your centre of gravity even more forward and will leave you with swollen feet and a sore back! Find some cute flats and instead dress up your outfit using accessories!

Sleep Mindfully

It is important to sleep on your side for a couple of reasons. First, laying on your back after the first trimester puts the weight of your growing uterus on a major blood vessel, your vena cava. This blood flow is important to keeping blood flowing to your baby and occluding it will leave you waking feeling nauseous, dizzy, and sweaty. Instead, lay on your side and use pillows between your legs or purchase a pillow for pregnant women. Switch sides every time you are up to use the washroom to prevent one hip from getting sore.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Straining to lift something too heavy will stretch those already relaxed ligaments, possibly leading to a strain. If you do have to lift something small, bend your knees and keep your back straight- do not bend forward and lift from your waist! Speak to your employer about modifying if heavy lifting is a part of your job. If you have a toddler at home, take the extra time to let him climb in and out of the car and up and down the stairs. It may test your patience but it will save your back!

When to Ask for Help

If your back is so sore it is impeding your daily activities or requiring pain medication, you need to consult your healthcare provider. Also, if your back pain is accompanied with bleeding, fever or any other unusual symptom, see your doctor. They will help you connect with physiotherapists and appropriate alternative therapies (such as massage), and rule out potential other reasons for backpain (such as urinary tract infections). It is important to talk to your doctor about what medication is safe in pregnancy.