Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe or Not?

Wondering if sex is safe or not during pregnancy? Sex drive can increase in pregnancy for some women, usually depending on her pesky pregnancy symptoms (it is hard to feel sexy with your head in the toilet bowl all the time!). If you are feeling okay and would like to have sex, read on to see if it is safe for you. Remember, you should always check with your health care provider as well.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Some reasons sex should be avoided:
• Any unexplained vaginal bleeding
• Placenta previa (your placenta is covering your cervix)
• Threatened preterm labour
• If your partner has a herpes outbreak
• Your water has broken

If you are able to have sex, take it slow. You may need lubrication as pregnancy hormones can make your vagina feel dry. If something hurts or feels uncomfortable, switch positions or consider cuddling or foreplay.

It is important to communicate with your partner about sex and how you are feeling about it. Lots of men think they can hurt the baby during intercourse. Your baby is inside your uterus and your cervix is the barrier between your vagina and the baby. Sometimes bringing him to the doctor for reassurance that intercourse is safe makes things easier.

If you do have intercourse and experience bleeding, go to the hospital for assessment. Please know that this does happen! It is most likely a blood vessel in your cervix that has burst from the penetration. This is usually benign but it is best to always get checked for reassurance.