The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We Love

Oh, baby! We hear you are ready to announce the big news! Your secret is safe with us… for now, of course! This calls for some serious planning. We know how important this announcement is and we are sure that you want to get it out there in the world in the right way. Well, first things first, your partner should know this life changing news before anyone else. Once you have nipped that in the bud, the next step is to reveal it to family and friends. YAY! What an amazing celebration and what better way to celebrate than to choose a creative ways to announce your pregnancy that will have your circle in awe. Here are some of the best ideas we love:

The Ultrasound

An obvious but totally cute announcement idea: Show sonographic proof that there is a human on the way! It makes for an easy, straight-to-the-point reveal but you can fancy it up. Try adding a photo of you and your partner smooching or smiling and laughing with your ultrasound in hand. Cheesy? Yes, maybe. Adorable? Yes, definitely.


The Bun in the Oven

Who hasn’t heard of having a “bun in the oven,” are we right? This is one of the most well-known pregnancy expressions so you might as well take advantage of that little fact. You can either take a photo of an actual bun in an oven or pose (yes you, mama!) in chef gear with oven mitts and all. Not only will it spark the cutest of reactions from your audience but it can also be a great keepsake photo!

The New Family Size

If baby in your tummy isn’t your first, this one goes out to you! There a few clever ways to announce your new family size but for your sake, we will limit it to our fave two: make and hold number signs and attach the baby’s number to your tummy or take a photo of you and the famjam’s feet and leave a space for baby’s future shoes.

The Sidekick

How adorable is it if your first baby makes the announcement? This pregnancy reveal is the perfect one if you already have a little superhero at home. Picture this. Your lil’ one in a superman costume telling the world they can’t wait for their sibling to get here. After all, every superhero needs a sidekick.

The Pet’s Sibling

Let’s switch it up. How adorable is it if your fur baby makes the announcement of baby (you know, the human kind) on the way? Have them wear something or hold up a sign that reads “promoted to sibling,” “baby guard dog,” or “big brother/sister” – we love this idea!

The Pregnancy Test

Ah, the simple yet VERY effective pregnancy test announcement! We just had to include it on the list. Showing off your positive results adds proof of baby early on in your pregnancy journey. The best part? You get to show those two little lines off to the world!