Working While Pregnant: The How-To

Although pregnancy is a full-time job in itself, many expecting women carry a full time job up until their delivery date. This can add even more stress to your already-full plate. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make working while pregnant feel a little easier.

Chat with Your Boss

Communication is key in every situation and this one is no exception. Consider how your role may need to change at work as your baby belly grows. Tasks you were completing pre-pregnancy may not be as easy during pregnancy. Give as much notice as possible. Share with your employer that you are concerned about performing certain tasks and ask for modifications in advance. Offer to trade responsibilities – instead of one task that is too strenuous, replace it with one that can be done comfortably from your desk.

Reduce Your Hours

Maybe you want to work until your due date (and your boss may want the same thing!), but the long hours are affecting your back and you just feel so tired! You don’t want to lose yourself throughout this journey. The easy thing to do is ask if you can modify your work hours. Often times, knowing that you will work a shorter day will make it easier for you to gear up and be efficient while you are there. This also helps if you are struggling with insomnia. It may be a good idea to ask your employer if you can start a little later in the morning.

Build Your Workspace around Your Pregnancy

You spend most of your week at work, which is why you need to set yourself up for success! You may need to modify your space to make yourself more comfortable. Bring a footstool that you can place under your desk, clear a space for extra snacks, and choose more comfortable clothing and footwear. Making small changes will make work more bearable.

Use Your Vacation

As your belly grows, reserve vacation days closer to your due date. This will allow you to rejuvenate and be able to work closer to your due date. A staycation at home with a good book and your feet up can be so relaxing. Or, a second option is to book a day off once a week using vacation as you start your third trimester.

Keep an Open Mind

You may want to work until you are 37 weeks pregnant, but sometimes life happens. If you are exhausted and unable to do your job, you may need to consider an early maternity leave. That is completely okay, listen to your body!

Start the Paperwork Early

Reach out to your human resources department to figure out the maternity leave paperwork you need to fill out. Fill out as much as you can ahead of time. Trying to check all the right boxes when you are sleep deprived after giving birth can be a real challenge!

Remember to be kind to yourself! You are managing a full plate with work and growing a baby. You got this, mama!