Travelling with your Newborn Baby

Who is dreaming of a getaway with their new family of three? Or maybe it isn’t your first and you would love to head off on a vacay with your crew. There is nothing better than making memories, showing your baby the world and finding a little relax time. However, take these tips into mind so you aren’t wishing you were taking the first flight back home. Of course, travelling changes when you bring little ones, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.


Have realistic expectations

Sunset champagne toasts oceanside may still happen, but most likely not be as picturesque and romantic as it maybe was pre-kids. Set up your littles for success by not having many expectations for the trip. If you want to try a certain restaurant, make an early reservation (think 430 pm). The kiddos won’t be cranky yet, and the restaurant will be quieter, which will make your experience more enjoyable as you won’t feel as stressed trying to get everyone to stay on their best behavior.


Choose the right sleep space

Sometimes it is worth the splurge to upgrade your room to give your little his own sleep space (especially if he’s older). Kids 7 months and older sleep better when they can’t see their mama, and sometimes amazing sleep habits derail on holidays, leaving everyone wasted and forgetting they’re having fun. Bring your sound machine, and your baby’s crib sheet for the playpen. The more you can make it feel like home the easier it will be for your bub to remember his rockstar sleep skills.


Hang on to bedtime

It isn’t realistic (or fun) to plan to be back in your room for babe’s 7 pm bedtime. Instead, be flexible on naptime. Let your baby sleep in the stroller, enjoy your surroundings, grab a coffee and walk while he rests. Or go for a later afternoon nap in the hotel. You grab a siesta too- this will give you all the energy to enjoy a later evening without melt downs. Bedtime may be later, but leave the routine the same. Babies understand routine and know that sleep is coming when the final step is done. Keeping this consistent on holidays will make your night more restful.



If you have a baby who is only nursing, pack snacks for yourself. You are burning more calories than a spin class feeding your little one, and being hangry won’t help you keep your cool with the twists a vacay can take. Pack granola bars, and grab some local fruit to snack on to keep your sugars level. If you have an older babe or toddler, pack little on the go snacks that will keep them entertained. Often a fun treat can buy you 15-30 minutes more enjoyment as they enjoy the texture and taste of a fun snack. If you are travelling via air, load up your bag with snacks they haven’t seen before.


Flying with a baby

First off, all “rules” don’t apply on an airplane. Maybe you don’t nurse your baby to sleep or give a soother. Now is not the time to comply. Do what you need to keep your baby settled and relaxed on the flight. If you have older babies or toddlers, make fun packs for the trip. Stuff your bag with ziplocs filled with activities they haven’t seen before. New markers, paper and stickers, plastacine, books, and when all else fails, bust out the headphones and turn on a show.


Lastly, laugh. Laugh at the moments that you didn’t know possible. Kiddos can add stress but they also bring so much joy. Revel in the little moments, laugh at the gong shows and you’ll catch yourself dreaming of the next trip with your crew.