10 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga combines gentle breathing, stretching and toning, which can have many benefits for a pregnant woman, whether she is an avid yogi or beginner.

  1. Get Moving!
    If you’re struggling to find ways to be active in pregnancy, prenatal yoga can be a great way to integrate gentle and safe exercise into your routine.
  2. Reduce Stress
    Using breathing, visualization and meditation, yoga helps to calm anxieties surrounding the different stages of pregnancy.
  3.  Increase your Energy
    A gentle yoga practice can be the perfect remedy for your fatigue. Even a short 20 minute practice will give you a big boost!
  4. Reduce Swelling
    Tired and swollen feet can be common, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Yoga helps with circulation and reduces swelling, especially in poses like legs up the wall.
  5. Yoga Breathing For Labour
    Using different types of breathing and sounding from yoga can be essential tools during labour.
  6. Pelvic floor toning
    Specific pelvic floor, ‘Kegel’-like exercises will help strengthen the muscles that are used for labour and can lessen the complications that could arise.
  7. Ouch! Pain be Gone
    Common aches during pregnancy including back aches and sore feet. Because the front and back of the body are so over stretched, prenatal yoga often focuses on stretching the sides of the body. This helps to work out the kinks that have developed over time.
  8. Connect to your Growing Baby
    Visualizing the connection between you and your baby, is truly magical. As your pregnancy progresses and you start to actually feel your baby’s movements, it’s so wonderful to take the time in stillness and marvel at those little kicks.
  9. Love your Changing Body
    Each woman is different, each pregnancy unique… What you may feel in your body could be completely different from your best friend. Your yoga mat gives you a space to be with your body as it navigates through these changes. Taking the time to connect means that we can truly marvel at this amazing process of creating life!
  10. Cultivate Community
    A prenatal yoga class can also be a way to join a community of soon to be mamas and share experiences about pregnancy. It’s wonderful to relate to others going through this life changing experience.